Wilona Karimabadi

is an assistant editor at Adventist Review and is editor of KidsView, Adventist Review’s magazine for children.

​How Not to Fall Off a Paddleboard

Stand-up paddleboarding is a popular water sport. It’s basically the fusion of kayaking and surfing and can be done by pretty much anyone. The board looks like a surfing longboard but thicker, with a foam or neoprene footing area on top. To do it, you start by sitting cross-legged, then progress to kneeling and finally to standing fully upright, using a single oar to propel yourself forward and help you turn.

I learned how to do it last summer on a quiet sound in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. The water was still, warm, and, most important, shallow. Sitting and kneeling on the board are the easiest ways to start, and I was very comfortable that way. When …

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