Anna Bartlett

is a 2014 graduate of Southern University in Collegedale, Tennessee. She wrote this while an intern at the Adventist Review.

​The Power of a Pick-me-up

I was leaving the sanctuary one Sabbath afternoon when adolescent me tripped over my own toes. As I fell, I wondered how long it would take for me to regain my nonexistent social standing after I ate carpet. As the ground neared, I suddenly felt a harsh wrenching pain in my right shoulder as someone grabbed my arm.

“Stand up,” my youth director whispered in my ear as she hauled me to my feet before I could complete my fall.

I faltered as I regained coordination of my lower extremities, but she held me up as we walked out of the sanctuary and into the hallway. After she made eye contact to make sure I was OK, we continued on to our destination. If …

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