Aaron K. Bowron

is a graduate of Thunderbird Adventist Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona, and an attorney with the law firm of Zirnhelt, Bowron and Wiggins, P.L.C., of Traverse City, Michigan.

​Our Day in Court

Getting justice depends on who’s doing the judging.

Secular orthodoxy maintains that courts are founts of justice. This belief is so ingrained in the political and cultural psyche that our judicial system is often referred to as the “justice system.” Within courts’ hallowed halls civil disputes are equitably resolved; the criminally guilty are so adjudged and punished; the innocent vindicated; and justice ultimately decreed. Or so goes the theory.

The Reality

Even staunch proponents of this fanciful conception of the judicial system, if they had but minimal exposure to its reality, would likely conclude that what passes for “justice” is usually a rough, inferior variant …

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