Diana Dyer

lives with her husband, Richard, in Adams, Nebraska, and enjoys talking to people about Jesus.

​And You Visited Me

Making connections over the years and over the miles

I don’t feel good,” Mitch* gasped, pale-faced. Cold sweat glazed his forehead. “I feel as though I’m going to faint.”

A belt around his waist held the bottom of an orange jumpsuit in place; electrodes ran from his bare chest to the electrocardiograph. The top of the jumpsuit flapped behind him as he tried desperately to keep up with the treadmill to which his wrists were chained.

It was a losing struggle. Mitch slumped, arms stretched taut, as the relentless treadmill pulled him against the chains. Dr. James flipped off the treadmill as I hit the code blue switch to summon assigned staff to perform cardiac resuscitation. Guards …

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