Frank A. Campbell

a freelance writer, editor, and speechwriter, is president of ARISE! and has written for the Washington Post, as well as many Adventist publications.

​Unwilling God

God didn’t want to do it

I’ve been reading the well-rehearsed interaction between God and Abraham in Genesis 18 from the diplomat’s perspective.

At the age of 99, Abraham, perhaps still recovering from circumcision, sits outside his tent one sunny day on the plains of Mamre. He suddenly realizes three men are standing nearby. Two are angels. The third is the preincarnate God the Son.

In keeping with custom, Sarah is soon baking bread while Abraham chooses a good and tender calf to prepare a proper dish for his visitors.

The visitors gratefully and graciously consume the meal. They tell Abraham and Sarah when the couple’s promised son will be born. Then the angels …

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