Curtis Rittenour

has pastored for 25 years in Oregon, Nebraska, and Washington. He is a freelance writer and speaker.

​Directly to the Point

When Jesus puts His finger where it hurts

I’m feeling a little nervous,” I told my college professor after class. I was a freshman, and this was my first presentation for Speech 101.

“Relax and just be yourself,” he suggested.

So I practiced a few times and began to feel overly confident. I envisioned receiving an A on this first speech and was shocked to get a D. I went to him and said, “Hey, you told me to just be myself! And this is what I get?”

He smiled and kindly remarked, “Did it ever occur to you that your ‘self ’ might need some improvement?”

Sometimes a message must be shared clearly and candidly. Tact has its place. But there are moments when …

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