Heather Vandenhoven

is a freelance writer from northern California, where she lives with her husband and daughter.

​Praying Over You

Has anyone ever told you they prayed over you? Not just an expressed “I’m praying for you,“ but a physical “I pray over you.” My mind breathes in the power of that thought and paints this page with a picture.

I imagine a tapestry of angels, wings golden, faces mixing earnestness with joy, who complete an unbreakable circle around me. Full center inside, the Savior, Jesus, kneels bent with arms hovered over my crumpled, traveled body. He has but one abundant desire: to cover me with His body and heal my tired soul. Prayers go up in power, absorbing every morsel of weary weakness. Promises wisp in the air around as an unsurpassed blanket of nurture …

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