Kimberly Tagert-Paul

writes from Michigan. An internationally published author, her passion is writing for young people. She likes crafts, photography, and reading. Her loves include Jesus, her husband, two sons, and her energetic grandson.

​Tender Adventure

She ran in the wind,
baby’s fine hair like dandelion’s aged fluff,
shapeless legs carrying inquisitiveness.

Touching each blackened daisy,
a butterfly barely out of cocoon
plays in joyful retreat.

Tiptoes, sure of surprise,
eyes, astounded at defeat,
heart, determined to win.

Turning. Amazed at time-moved distance,
terror grips the 3-year-old heart.
A curtain of tears fall.

Washed red, saucer eyes plead.
“Daddy.” “Daddy!” “Daddy?”
No way to understand aloneness.

Giant limbs appear.
Strong arms wrap fear in love.
Providence in a field of wheat.

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