Jorge Arevalo

studied theology at Andrews University. He is now pursuing an M.S. in chaplaincy at Loma Linda University.


How much are you really giving?

We may all have seen this ghost of Christmas past: all the gifts have been opened. Everything you had on your Christmas list is now sitting in front of you. That new dress, the new drill, the trip, the computer, the cell phone. You have everything you asked for, and you are happy and thankful for all you received. It is, in fact, what you wanted. But . . .

Or maybe you are sitting at home, the day is done. The food has been eaten, the dishes cleaned, the lawn mowed, the kids in bed. Everything you need is near enough to touch. You are satisfied with everything you have and are ready to drift off to sleep, but . . . So often, for so many, there lurks this …

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