Betty Nugent

lives in Florida, where she serves the church as principal and teacher of the Mount Sinai Junior Academy in the Southeastern Conference.

​A Lesson for the Living

A woman lay in a hospital room with wires connected to her body—but it was not me. She was on her hospital bed, unable to lift her right arm or use her right leg—but it was not me. She was trying to explain to the health-care professionals how all this started, but the words were emerging slurred and nearly garbled. That could not be me.

As if watching a hospital-based television show, I focused on the IVs that were inserted and an EKG that was taken. I watched as I continually failed to lift the weighted leg, until my son said, “Rest, Mommy; it’s OK if you cannot lift your leg.”

I listened as the nurse calmly stated: “BP is 198/119,” …

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