Cliff's Edge

Cliff Goldstein

is editor of the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide. His next book, Baptizing the Devil: Evolution and the Seduction of Christianity has just been released by Pacific Press.

​The Reality of God

However hokey it might sound, I see the reality of God everywhere.

That anything at all, whatever it is, exists, is powerful evidence for a Creator. Rocks, teakettles, stars—nothing came from itself. The scientific fad, which claims that the universe arose from nothing, is mere ad hoc metaphysical speculation garbed with all the epistemological privilege that science sanctimoniously awards itself.

“Why,” Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz famously asked a few centuries ago, “is there something rather than nothing?” The most logical answer remains what it has always been: because a self-existing and eternal God created everything (John 1:1-3).This, …

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