Bonnie Mattheus

is the owner/CEO of Bon Herbals and Wonderful Things, Inc., in Collegedale, Tennessee. She is also involved in planting a church in Chattanooga.

​Let Them Come

You never know who’s going to walk into church.

In a tiny church plant in the heart of the hills, a motley group of people gathered on Saturday afternoons to worship the Lord. The building had been built more than 100 years before as a small, stone, one-room schoolhouse with a metal roof. In summer, heat pounded in, and the wasp infestation was a challenge to the worshippers, who occasionally got stung.

A Hospital for Sinners

On one such hot, sweltering summer day, the lay leader and the one new church member gathered with those who showed up: an alcoholic, a drug addict, a schizophrenic, two wife abusers with wives and children, a child with mental retardation, and a few others. …

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