Eden Koliadko Leeper

graduated from Southern Adventist University with a degree in public relations. She now lives in Loma Linda, California.

​In Sickness and in Health

Managing the pain

Kathy didn’t know what to do; everything was happening so fast. At night, after her husband, Dan, fell asleep, Kathy knelt by their bed. “God, I’m scared. What do I have to know?”

As she knelt, Kathy felt God impressing three things upon her: Dan had a brain tumor, it was incurable, and he would go quickly.

Kathy met Dan Goddard during her first year at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. She was immediately drawn to his warm personality and sense of humor. As time went on she realized he had a “pastor’s heart.” They dated for two years and were married after Dan graduated in 1968 with a degree in theology. In terms of …

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