Keith Trumbo

is pastor of the Columbus First Seventh-day Adventist Church in Georgia, where he lives with his wife, Ann, and their son, Taylor.

A Healthy Fear

Seeing the big picture

For several years we lived in a quiet, midsize city in the heart of the American Midwest. It seemed to be a safe haven against violent crime. One summer, however, a series of murders rocked the town.

After reading an article in the local newspaper about the senseless killings, I sent the reporter an e-mail with a few comments on her article. She wrote back asking about an interview for a follow-up story. I returned her e-mail with my phone number. She called soon after.

For 20 minutes the reporter asked questions about the violence that had plagued the city. We shared our sorrow over the loss of young lives and our frustration with the lack of …

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