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North American Adventist Leader Prays for Peace in Missouri City

Daniel R. Jackson also extends condolences to the family of the black teenager shot under unclear circumstances on Aug. 9.

The leader of the Adventist Church in North America said Thursday that he was praying for peace in the Missouri city roiled by unrest after a white police officer shot dead a black teenager under unclear circumstances earlier this month.

Daniel R. Jackson, president of the church’s North American Division, also extended condolences to the family of Michael Brown, 18, and expressed hope that the truth would emerge about what happened on the night of Aug. 9 when Brown died in Ferguson, Missouri.

“As a part of the larger family of America, Seventh-day Adventists grieve with Michael Brown’s family and extend our heartfelt condolences for their tragic loss,” Jackson said in a statement. “We are praying for our Ferguson community family who are in such great pain.”

The death prompted a national outcry in the U.S. as well as several days of street clashes and looting in Ferguson.

It remains unclear who was at fault in the death and whether race played a role.

Jackson suggested that the unrest in Ferguson was part of a deeper problem.

“We pray that the deeper issues made obvious by this situation will be addressed with immediacy, courage and effectiveness,” he said.

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