April 1, 2015

In God's Image: Summit on Human Sexuality

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Consistency and Caring Urged as Sexuality Summit Concludes

General Conference vice-president, education director, and seminary professors draw lessons from the Cape Town leadership conference.

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Adventist Professor's Devotional Series Urges Appropriate Conversation About Sex

Cape Town Bulletin 7 — Reclaim 'spirituality of sexuality,' Nixon says

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Landless Calls for Compassion, Regardless of Cause

Cape Town Bulletin #6 — Adventist Church's health leader surveys medical evidence on causes, incidence of homosexuality

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Reality of Fallen World Calls for Nuance, Humility, Adventist Behavioral Scientist Says

Cape Town Bulletin #5

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Panel Members Tell Moving Stories of Brokenness, Change

Cape Town Bulletin #4

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Preserve Identity of Church, But Minister to Gay and Lesbian Community, Panelists at Adventist Sexuality Summit say


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At Sexuality Summit, Adventist Church President Reflects on ‘Human Brokenness’

Approach sin with ‘clarity and tact’ and faithfulness to biblical truth, Wilson says

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“In God’s Image” Summit on Sexuality Opens in Cape Town

Cape Town Bulletin #1

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